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HIGHSPEED Etoile S01E01 720p WEB H264-SKYANiME
Size: 708MB mkv H264 (HIGH) / AAC (LC)  HD  1280x720

File Information
      SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS kkkkkkkk                                                                          
   S:::::S     SSSSSSSk::::::k                                                                                 
   S:::::S             k:::::k    kkkkkkkyyyyyyy           yyyyyyyy             nnnn          nnn   i   mmmmm          mmmmm  eeeeeeeeeeeee
   S:::::S             k:::::k   k:::::k  y:::::y         y:::::yaaaaa          nnnnn         nnn  iii  mmmmmm        mmmmmm  eeeeeeeeeeeee
    S::::SSSS          k:::::k  k:::::k    y:::::y       y:::::yaaaaaaa         nnn nn        nnn  iii  mmmm mm      mm mmmm  eee
     SS::::::SSSSS     k:::::k k:::::k      y:::::y     y:::::yaaaa aaaa        nnn  nn       nnn  iii  mmmm  mm    mm  mmmm  eee
       SSS::::::::SS   k::::::k:::::k        y:::::y   y:::::yaaaa   aaaa       nnn   nn      nnn  iii  mmmm   mm  mm   mmmm  eee
          SSSSSS::::S  k:::::::::::k          y:::::y y:::::yaaaa     aaaa      nnn    nn     nnn  iii  mmmm    mmm     mmmm  eeeeeeeeee
               S:::::S k:::::::::::k           y:::::y:::::yaaaa       aaaa     nnn     nn    nnn  iii  mmmm     m      mmmm  eeeeeeeeee
               S:::::S k::::::k:::::k           y:::::::::yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa    nnn      nn   nnn  iii  mmmm            mmmm  eee
   SSSSSSS     S:::::Sk::::::k k:::::k           y:::::::yaaaa           aaaa   nnn       nn  nnn  iii  mmmm            mmmm  eee
   S::::::SSSSSS:::::Sk::::::k  k:::::k           y:::::yaaaa             aaaa  nnn        nn nnn  iii  mmmm            mmmm  eee
   S:::::::::::::::SS k::::::k   k:::::k         y:::::yaaaa               aaaa nnn         nnnnn  iii  mmmm            mmmm  eeeeeeeeeeeee
    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS   kkkkkkkk    kkkkkkk       y:::::yaaaa                 aaaannn          nnnniiiiimmmmmm            mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
                                            y:::::y              ..Presents..                                                                    
Pre.Date: 11.05.2024       

                   Source:    WEB                                           
                   Runtime:   24 min 7 sec(s)                               
                   Size:      708 MiB                                       
                   Video:     1280 X 720 / 4000kb/s / 23.976 fps            
                   Audio:     Japanese / AAC / 2 channels / 128 kb/s        
                   Subs:      English[Forced] [Default], Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil)                          

                              Rin Rindo who once dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer before being sidelined by injury is        
                              embracing a quiet life with her grandmother until she is unexpectedly thrust into the            
                              highspeed world of racing Now she faces a new adrenalinefueled reality in the NEX Race a         
                              revolutionary motorsport event exceeding speeds of 500 kmh                                       

File Container: MKV
Video/Audio Codec: H264 (HIGH) AAC (LC)
Video Resolution: 1280x720
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Encoding Queue:  x264  x265

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    warning: speaks German Swedish and French for those without English subs...

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    The audio on this is a commentary track, not the actual film audio.

  • spiker1961:

    The audio on this is a commentary track, not the film audio.

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